Периодика по физике
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Malacara D. (Ed.) Geometrical and Instrumental Optics
Methods of experimental physics, Volume 25
Academic Press, 1988, 306 pages

Two books covering the field of mode optics have been prepared in this series Methods of Experimental Physics, separating the material into two parts, one with the title Geometrical and Instrumental Optics, and the other with the title Physical Optics and Light Measurements.
The purpose of these books is to help the scientist or engineer who is not a specialist in optics to understand the main principles involved in optical instrumentation and experimental optics.
In this volume, Geometrical and Instrumental Optics, Chapter One provides a general view of the field of practical optics and mentions some of its most common problems and solutions. Chapters Two to Four consider geometrical optics, optical components, lens design, and optical instruments. Light sources, coherent and noncoherent, which play an extremely important role in optical instruments, are described in Chapter Five. Finally, optical filters and some practical computation methods for them are described in Chapter Six.
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