Malacara D. (Ed.) Geometrical and Instrumental Optics

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Methods of experimental physics, Volume 25 Academic Press, 1988, 306 pages Two books covering the field of modern optics have been prepared in this series Methods of Experimental Physics, separating the material into two parts, one with the title Geometrical and Instrumental Optics, and the other with the title Physical Optics and Light Measurements. The purpose of these books is to help the scientist or engineer who is not a specialist in optic...

Marton L. (ed.). Methods of Experimental Physics. Volume 8. Problems and Solutions for Students

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New York & London: Academic Press, 1969 - 294 pages Один из томов (8-ой) знаменитой серии коллективных монографий по экспериментальной физике (на сайте выложен только 3-ий том этой серии), специально посвященный учебным аспектам экспериментальной физики. Предназначен студентам, аспирантам и преподавателям.

Williams D. (ed.). Methods of Experimental Physics. Vol. 3. Molecular Physics

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Academic Press Inc, 1962. - 775 pages. With the presentation of this volume on molecular physics we reach just about the half-way mark in the publication of our series on experimental physics. This occasion gives me a chance to review briefly the present status of the whole series and the expectations for finishing the Nuclear Physics, 5A, is going job. First of all the companion volume to I sincerely hope to come out soon. The manuscripts are c...