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Mikkelsen A., Langhelle O. (eds.) Arctic Oil and Gas. Sustanability at Risk?
Routledge. 2008. 405 p.
The Arctic: context, framework and methodology
Framing oil and gas in the Arctic from a sustainable development perspective
Climate change and consequences for the Arctic
Corporate social responsibility: the economic and institutional responsibility of business in society
Framework and methodology: regulation and discource analysis as a research strategy
Legal and institutional framework: case studies
Legal and institutional framework: a comparative analysis
Expanding oil and gas activities on the North Slope of alaska
Oil and gas activities at the Mackenzie Delta, in canada's Northwest Territories\Going North: the New petroleum province of Norway
The Russian Model: merging profir and sustainability
Comparisons and managerical implications
Human rights and indigenous peoples in the Arctic: what are the implications for the oil and gas industry?
Perceptions of Arctic challenges: Alaska, canada, Norway and Russia compared
Managerical implications
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