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New Discoveries trough Integration of Geoscieces. 4th Saint-Petersburg International Conference. Summary Reports (К новым открытиям через интеграцию геонаук)
Сборник докладов. Санкт-Петербург, EAGE, 2010, с.884.
Сборник докладов 4-й Международной конференции «Санкт-Петербург – 2010», являющейся одним из крупнейших геолого-геофизических форумов в России. Проводится каждые 2 года в Санкт-Петербурге. Темы докладов охватывают практически все основные направления развития наук о Земле, включая региональные исследования, сбор и анализ данных, современные технологии поисков, разведки и разработки месторождений, а также вопросы охраны окружающей среды и экономики.

Перечень докладов:
(Названия докладов (с CD, приобретенного на конференции) даны почему-то на английском языке (1 – на французском), хотя текст большинства – на русском. Всего - 168 докладов)
Experience of Regional Geological Modeling by the Example of Yamal-Kara Region
Assessment of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources of the Yenisey-katanga Basin
Geology and Petroleum Potential of the Upper Proterozoic Basins of Northe Siberian Craton
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Deposits of the Chekurovka Area (NE Siberia, Lena R.)-Preliminary Results
Lateral Structural Segmentation of the Uralian Foreland Thrust Belt
Unravelling Hydrocarbon Migration and Entrapment in the Weste Siberia Basin using Advanced Petroleum System Modeling
3D Seismic Exploration for Oil and Gas Bearing Pinnacle Reefs inside Kamsko-kinel Throughs System-Volgo-Ural Province
Pre-caspian Paleozoic Deposits Mode Structure Formation Condition
Weste Laptev Sea Region Framework-Structural Style and Timing of Deformation
Geologic Interpretation of Basic Seismic-acoustic Attributes for Developing a Geodynamic Model of Chukot Earth s Crust
Geologies Items of Detection Perspective Squares of Indolo-Kuban Basin and there Relation with Oil and Gas Saturation
Our Knowledge of France s Sedimentary Basins Benefits from an Exceptional Update due to a Proliferation of Deep Basin de
Irregularity of Energy Resources Distribution
Recognition of Late Aptian Relative Sea Level Drop in West Siberia Basin
Relative Sea-level Changes in Cratonic Basins-Tectonics or Eustasy
Sequence-stratigraphy in Studying the Structureand Petroleum Potential of a Sedimentary Cover
Paleozoic Carbonate Platform in the Barents Sea East
Paleo-environment and Regional Oil Prospectivity of Triassic Deposits in the Barents Sea
Geology and Total Petroleum System of the East Barents Basin Province
Deep Structure of the North Kara Terrane Based on Integrated Interpretation of Data along Regional Lines 3-AR and 4-AR
The Geological Structure and Formation of Hydrocarbon Systems in Sedimentary Basins of Russia's Shelf of the Chukchi Sea
Comparative Analysis of North-Chukchi Basin Oil Systems
Quantitative Analysis of Ultrasonic Wave Radiation on Reversibility and Kinetics of Asphaltene Flocculation
Reservoir Characterization of Upper Kangan Formation in South Pars Field (Southe Persian Gulf)
Experience of Effective Application of Transient Electromagnetic Method-TDEM-in the South Part of the Siberian Platform
Oil and Gas Potential a te North o West Siberia-New Discoveries in the Messoyackha Project
Use of CSEM in Exploration in Open Acreage-A Case Study from the 20th Licensing Round-Norway
Substantiation of Oil-water Contact in Facies Changeable Upper Jurassic Deposits of the Shirotnoye Priobie Region
A Study of Upper Devonian Reefs of Timano-Pechora Province Based on a Joint Interpretation of 2D and 3D Seismic Data Ac
Geological Structure Refinement of the Veni Group of Traps Based on Integrated Interpretation of Seismic and Well Data
3D Fault Detection Based on Statistical Approach
Modular Neural Networks Reservoir Properties Prediction
Effect of Porous Fluid Properties on Stoneley Wave Parameters
About Permeability Evaluation by Acousticmagnetic Logging
Horizontal Well Electric Logging Data Interpretation on the Basis of Direct and Inverse Problem Solving
Casing Technical State Control of Oil and Gas Wells by Integrated Russian-China Equipment
Assessment of Clustering Methods for Predicting Permeability in a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir
Development of Formation Evaluation Methods for Structurally Complicated Carbonate Reservoirs
Examples of Multidisciplinary Approach Application for Fractured Reservoirs of West and East Siberia
Post-stack and Pre-stack Seismic Inversion Workflow in Frequency Domain
Dip Extraction from Three-dimensional Depth Images-Algorithms and Applications
Next-Order Static Correction
Short-period Static Correction Without NMO
Poststack Time Migration Velocity Analysis by CRS Diffraction Stacking
The Obtaining of Images of Geological Environment Based on the Diffraction Transformations of the Common Offset Gather
Possibilities of Application of Multiwave Seismic Prospecting for an Estimation of Elasticdeformation Modules of a Meth
New Seismic Technologies for Tight Gas Exploration and Development
Generalization of the Vertically Heterogeneous Velocity Models
Optimum Technique of Seismic Prospecting of a Method by the Reflected Waves
Digital Accelerometers - Expectations and Practical Achievements
Geophysical Benefits of an Improved Seismic Vibrator
Enhanced Resolution-Imaging and Interpretability Resulting from Dual-sensor Towed Streamer Acquisition
Application of New Seismic Ocean Bottom Technology in Deep Water in the Middle Caspian Sea
Comparison of Physical Modeling of Elastic Wave Propagation in Porous Fractured Medium with Theoretical Models
Numerical Simulation of Seismic Waves' Propgation in Multiscale Media
Physical Modeling Supports Testing of Seismic Techniques for Porous-fractured Reservoir Characterization
Numerical Simulation of Sonic Logging in 3D Anisotropic Elastic Media with Attenuation
Building Local Anisotropic Models using Joint Tomography of Seismic and Well Data
Aggregation of Oil and Gas Resource Estimates of Local Objects under Geologic Risk
Economic Criteria in Decisions on Exploration Works
Application of ARCGIS for Monitoring the License Activity in Russia
Fault Seal Estimation and their Role in Fluid-flow-An Example of Middle Miocene (chokrak) Fields West-Kuban Basin
Estimation of Reservoir Properties from Seismic Attributes and Well Log Data using Artificial Neural Networks
New Sofware for Detecting Georisks on the Arctic Shelf Development
Technique of Complex Geophysical Data Interpretation for Reefs Mapping
New Technology of the Oil and Gas Shelf-areas Prospecting Basis on Local United Gradient of Geophysical Field s
Integration of Innovative Seismic Technologies and New Geological Models-A Way to Improved Oil Recovery
The Fluid Dynamics of Gas-condensate Deposit at Elastic Pressure Mode of Gas Extraction
An Effect of Elastic-deformation Properties of the Plugging Mixtures on the Acoustic Wave Fields in Evaluating the Cemen
The Results of the Vibro Impacts Technology Implementation
Anomalous High Pressure in a Closed Gas Deposit Seam under Condition of Endogenous Warming
Intelligent Well-The Path to Intellectual Deposit
3D-TEM Survey in the Petroleum Exploration Problem Solving on the Siberian Platform
Electrical Resistivity Tomography-A Source Focusing Approach
Marine CSEM Technology Performance-Limitations or Opportunities
Geophysical Monitoring of Underground Pipelines Technical State
Intergrated Resistivity Imaging of Suswa Geothermal Field-Kenya
Monitoring Reservoir Fluids with Surface and Borehole Gravity Sensors
Asymptotic Anomalies of Uniform Thin Polygonal Sheets
Magnetic Field Statistical Characteristics and Their Relation to the Geological Structure of Quartz-Gold Deposits
Spatial Prediction of Topsoil Properties of Nong Sung Area using Gamma Ray Spectrometry
Dependence of Velocity of Electromagnetic Wave-Dielectric Permittivity-Two-componental Environments from.
A Method of Definition of Speed of Distribution
Application Electric Method HRES-IP to Explore Prospects North of West Siberia
Substantiation of Oil and Gas Exploration Direction in the West Parts of Tomsk Region by Hydro-geological Data
Application High-resolving Electrical Prospecting on the Pafcific Shelf of China
Sand Control Study and Assessing Suitability of Installing Expandable Sand Screens (ESS) in Comparison with IGP in Cased and Open Hole Wells in Mansou
Particularities of Astrakhan Gas Field Deep Structure Resulting from Microseismic Sounding Technique Application
Evaluation of Petrophysical and Petrographical Characterization of Asmary Formation-A Case Study in Southwest Iran
Chargeability of Quateary Clay and its Interrelation with Presence of Oil and Gas in Mesozoic Sediments-West Siberia
Prospects for Discovery of New Hydrocarbon Deposits on the Yamal Shelf of the Kara Sea
Resultats of Regional Researches to Generalization Seismic Works and Drilling in Territory Langepasneftegas LTD
Technique to Identify Non-anticline Deposits of Hydrocarbons using Structural-formational Analysis
Construction of the Geofiltrational Model of a Stone-earthen Dam Based on the Geophysical Data
Combine Use of Airboe Geophysical Methods to Constrain Geology
Seismic Research of the Flooded Salt Mine
Researches of a Top Beds by Gravity
Landslides in the Region of Trabzon and Investigation with Geophysical Methods
Use of DC and FDEM Methods to Image the Quateary Aquifer and Saltwater at Ludingworth-Cuxhaven Area-Germany
Exploration of a Copper Gold Porphyry Deposit with a Complex of Geophysical and Geochemical Methods
A Helmholtz Iterative Solver with Semi-analytical Preconditioner for Seismic Imaging and Inversion
Crustal Seismic Attenuation Between East-European and Moesian Tectonic Plates-Romania
Numerical Simulation of Rayleigh Waves Interaction with Compact Deepened Velocity Heterogeneities
Stability and Reflectivity of M-PML for Anisotropic Elastic Media
Scattered Wave Energy Attribute Application to Conceptual Oil Field Model Construction
Numerical Simulation of Waves Propagation in the Elastic Media with Caveous Collectors Typical for the East Siberia
Analysis and Probability Estimation of Geological Risks and Uncertainty in Preparing Oil and Gas Reserves
On the Distribution of Clay Minerals in Productive Series of Weste Portion of South Caspian-Example Bulla-daniz
Features of Lower Devonian Formation in the Coastal Zone of The Pechora Sea
Role of Faults in Formation of HC Pools in Albiancenomanian Intervals-North of West Siberia
Distribution of Vendian Sandy Collectors in the Zone the Joint Baikit Anteclise and the Yenisei Range
Tectonic Processes and BSR Features along Chilean Margin
Neotectonics of Salym Megaval and Prospect of Oil and Gas Content
Composition of Middle Riphean Strelnye Gory Formation Bitumen-Turukhansk Uplift-Lower Tunguska River
Zechstein Petroleum System in Polish Parth of the Southe Permian Basin
Seismic Structure of the Earth s Crust in the Areas of Junction of the West-Siberian Plate and Siberian Platform
Riftogenez and Oil-Gas Content of Sedimentary Basins
Application of Geographical Information System Technologies for the Sym Site Tectonics Study-Weste Siberia
Features of the Earth s Crust Structure of Oil and Gas Pools of the North Sea on the Base of Magnetic Data
Estimation of Quality of the Vendian Terrigenous Reservoirs in the South of Baikit Oil-Gas Region
Geothermal Regime and Petroleum Potential of The Anadyr and Okhotsk-Kamchatka Basins
The Role of the Paleohydrogeological Factors in the Formation of Groundwaters Composition of Oxfordian Reservoir
On Capabilities of Accounting for Velocities Anomalies and Ways to Increase Accuracy of Structural Imaging Based on Seis
Experience of Carrying Out of Seismic Works in Mountain Conditions of South Tajikistan
Seismic Tomography of the Upper Part of East Kamchatka Though
Reservoir Characterization in the South Adria Foreland
Seismic Wave Characteristics in Fractured and Fluid-saturated Media
Wave Imaging Technology Scheme for the Forecast of Reservoir Quality
Methodology of Wavelet Processing of Seismic Data with Decomposition on Detailed Layers
High Amplitude Noise Attenuation Based on Wiener Estimation Filter
Offshore Multi Component Deep Seismic Investigations
El Hierro Island Model-Canary-On a Basis of Joint Interpretation of Microseismic Sounding and Gravity Inversions
The Investigation of Building Structure Quality with the Method of Ultrasonic Velocity and Schmidt Hammer
Finite-difference Migration in High Definition Seismic Technology
Wave Selection in High Definition Seismic Technology Based on Method of Projection on Valid Parameters Domains
Using of Converted Shear Waves to Restore Normal Medium Reflectivity and to Increase Resolution of an Image
Gravitational Sides and Stresses on the Seismic Cross-sections
Tectonic Faults Analysis of the Sedimentary Cover in the Weste Part of the Samotlor Field Based on 3D Seismic Data
Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation along a Test Horizon in Tapti Basin
Investigation of the Distribution Radioactive Isotopes in Near-wellbore Zone at a Filtration
Aspects of Pulse Neutron Logs Application in Viscous Oil Deposit Studies
The Method of Laboratory Determination of Reservoir Properties of Anisotropic Reservoirs
Rock Physics Modeling of a Sakhalin Shelf Deposit
Application of Advanced Signal-processing Techniques for the Analysis of Field Data in Single-well Imaging
Lateral Heterogeneity Identification of Dense Beds using Bedded Microimagery Data
New Perspectives of Electromagnetic Isoparametric Soundings Applied to Oil and Gas Deposits
The Multi-frequent Electromagnetic Method of the Hydrocarbons Fields Prospecting and Delineation
Structural Integrity Control of Underground Gas Storage Facilities by Near-field Transient Electromagnetic Sounding
Technique Development and New Approaches for Data Interpretation of Transient Electromagnetic Method-TDEM
3D Researches of the Upper Mantle Using Results of 2D Direct Gravity Data Interpretation
Comparing of the 2D-3D Gravity Calculations in Cartesian Coordinates and 3D in Cartesianspherical Coordinates
Integration of Geophysical Techniques at Different Stages of Exploration for Oil and Gas
Allocation of Potential Gold-ore Clusters Was Made on the Base of Midscale Geologicalgeophysical Materials Within the E
Calculation of the 3D Density Model of the Earth s Crust in the Sea of Okhotsk
Influence by Physical Flap on Rheological Characteristic Transported Heavy of the Oils
Surface Wave Retrieval from Ambient Noise using Multi-dimensional Deconvolution
Parameterization for qP Travel-time Inversion of Walk-away VSP Data in VTI Media
Simultaneous Inversion Efficiency Estimation for Acoustic Low-contrast Reservoirs
Duplex Wave AVO for Predicting Properties of Subvertical Boundaries
The Dynamic Acoustic Inverse Problem in Laterally Homogeneous Media
Study of Fractures in a Permeable Rock Matrix using Two Phase Numerical Flow Model-Effect on Relative Permeability Curve
Choosing a Priori Model for Seismic Invertion
Elastic Impedance and Lama's Parameters for Reservoir Lithology and Fluid Discrimination
Three-dimensional Outcrop Model of the Hammam Faraun Fault Block-Suez Rift-Egypt
Estimation Filtration Properties Stratum with Multibarrelled Well on the Basis of Mathematical Simulation
Geological Model of Yuri Korchagin Hydrocarbon Field in the Northe Caspian Sea Water Area
Enhancement of Oil Layers Recovery by the Impulse-wave Impact
Physical Simulation of Water Alteation Gas Technology at the Heavy Oil Carbonate Reservoir Conditions
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