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Оксентюк О.Р. Working Girl. Film Guide. Учебное пособие к фильму Деловая девушка
М.: Московский государственный институт международных отношений (университет) МИД РФ (МГИМО). – 60 с.
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Teaching and leaing English with films.
It seems that everyone is eager to teach and lea with films these days because films have so much to offer both students and teachers. They:
bring native speakers into the classroom, relieving the teacher of the necessity of providing the only model for pronunciation, intonation, and register;
motivate students to lea by utilizing interesting story lines and character interaction which makes them eager to understand what people are saying;
increase oral comprehension: students can understand much more from watching a video sequence (in which body language accompanies speech) than from merely listening to an audio tape;
stimulate student interaction and communication with other classmates by having them discuss the film itself or ways in which it relates to their lives and experiences;
promote cross-cultural awareness by enabling students to observe similarities and differences between the lives of the characters in a film and those of their own families and friends;
…and, most importantly,
are adaptable for use with students at any English-language proficiency level, from elementary through advanced: students can understand and work with material that seems above their level if the accompanying activities are at their level.