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Pignataro B. (ed.) Ideas in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences. Advances in Nanotechnology, Materials and Devices
Wiley-VCH. 2010. 425 p.

Written by some of the most talented young chemists in Europe, this text covers most of the groundbreaking issues in materials science. It provides an account of the latest research results in European materials chemistry based on a selection of leading young scientists participating in the 2008 European Young Chemists Award competition. The contributions range from nanotechnology to catalysis. In addition, the authors provide a current overview of their field of research and a preview of future directions.For materials scientists, as well as organic and analytical chemists.


Preparation of New Materials and Nanomaterials
Self-Assembling Cyclic Peptide-Based Nanomaterials
Designer Nanomaterials for the Production of Energy and High Value-Added Chemicals
Supramolecular Receptors for Fullerenes
Click Chemistry: A Quote for Function
Supramolecular Interactions and Smart Materials: C–X · · · X'–M Halogen Bonds and Gas Sorption in Molecular Solids
Innovative Characterization Methods
Application of Advanced Solid-State NMR Techniques to the Characterization of Nanomaterials: A Focus on Interfaces and Structure
New Tools for Structure Elucidation in the Gas Phase: IR Spectroscopy of Bare and Doped Silicon Nanoparticles
Direct Observation of Dynamic Solid-State Processes with X-ray Diffraction
Understanding of Material Properties and Functions
Understanding Transport in MFI-Type Zeolites on a Molecular Basis
Modeling Layered-Mineral Organic Interactions
Materials and Applications in Advanced Devices
Status of Technology and Perspectives for Portable Applications of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Semiconductor Block Copolymers for Photovoltaic Applications
Switching-on: The Copper Age
Understanding Single-Molecule Magnets on Surface
Sculpting Nanometric Pattes: The Top-Down Approach
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