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Презентация - Iwo Iwanow Speech Acts
A brief analysis of the theory of speech acts. The main issues of the presentation are: Performatives vs. Constatives, Felicity conditions, Locutionary, Illocutionary and Perlocutionary Speech Acts, Indirect speech acts, Remarks on politeness.
Ruprecht-Karls-Universit?t Heidelberg, 5p.
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Лекции по лингвистике на английском языке - English Linguistics, 34 стр

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1. Typological classification of languages, synthetic and analytic word forms 2. Indo-European and non-Indo-European languages, position of English 3. Theory of communication; signs, symbols, icons; sound symbolism 4. Saussurian concept of language, langue vs. parole 5. Prague linguistic school; language center vs. periphery; markedness 6. Phonetics and phonology in the language system 7. Free variation, complementary distribution; vowels and co...

Etsuko Oishi. Austin’s Speech Act Theory and the Speech Situation

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The talk starts with a question, why do we discuss Austin now? While answer-ing the question, I will (I) present an interpretation of Austin’s speech act theory, (II) discuss speech act theory after Austin, and (III) extend Austin’s speech act theory by developing the concept of the speech situation. And in the following section, three aspects of the speech situation, that is, (I) conventionality, (II) actuality, and (II) intentionality, will be...

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Pragmatics. Survey. Definitions and background. Deixis and distance. Reference and inference. Presupposition and entailment. Presupposition and entailment. Speech acts and events. Politeness and interaction. Conversation and preference structure. Discourse and culture. Readings

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This book is a comprehensive introduction to pragmatics and discourse. It covers the core areas of the subject - context, co-context, speech acts, conversation structure, the cooperative principle and politeness. The book provides classic reading from the key names in the discipline, from Sperber and Wilson to Fairclough. This is an ideal book for anyone begiining to study pragmatics and discourse. Contents. A. Introduction: concepts in pragmatic...

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Pages: 260 Publisher: Routledge (This edition published in the Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2002.) Quality: good: pdf Topics are structured in four parts in the book. Part I, Reference and Referring Expressions, includes topics such as Russell's Theory of Desciptions, Donnellan's distinction, problems of anaphora, the description theory of proper names, Searle's cluster theory, and the causal-historical theory. Part II, Theories of Meaning, s...

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Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy Pages: 338 Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2007) Quality: good: pdf In this textbook, Michael Morris offers a critical introduction to the central issues of the philosophy of language. Each chapter focusses on one or two texts which have had a seminal influence on work in the subject, and uses these as a way of approaching both the central topics and the various traditions of dealing with them. Texts...

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A new book (2002) by one of the most prominent American thinkers and philosophers, the founder of the speech act theory, dwelling upon the problem of consciousness, intentionality, collective intentions and actions, social phenomena.

Sherzer J. Speech Play and Verbal Art

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University of Texas Press, 2002. 186 p. Puns, jokes, proverbs, riddles, play languages, verbal dueling, parallelism, metaphor, grammatical stretching and manipulation in poetry and song— people around the world enjoy these forms of speech play and verbal artistry which form an intrinsic part of the fabric of their lives. Verbal playfulness is not a frivolous pursuit. Often indicative of people's deepest values and worldview, speech play is a sig...

Sojka P., Kopecek I., Pala K. (editors) Text, Speech and Dialogue

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Springer, 2004. - 667 pages. This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue, TSD 2004, held in Brno, Czech Republic, in September 2004. The 78 revised full papers presented together with 3 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 128 submissions. The papers present a wealth of state-of-the-art research results in the field of natural language processing with an emph...

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Издательство Oxford University Press, 2004, -430 pp. When people speak to each other they are able to communicate subtle nuances of expression. Everybody does this, no matter how young or old, or which language they are speaking: the existence of expression as an integral part of how speech is spoken is universal. This does not mean that every language or speaker expresses everything in exactly the same way: they do not. The expression people br...