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Reddy B.S.R. (ed.) Advances in Nanocomposites - Synthesis, Characterization and Industrial Applications
InTech. 2011. 980 p.

Advances in Nanocomposites - Synthesis, Characterization and Industrial Applications was conceived as a comprehensive reference volume on various aspects of functional nanocomposites for engineering technologies. The term functional nanocomposites signifies a wide area of polymer/material science and engineering, involving the design, synthesis and study of nanocomposites of increasing structural sophistication and complexity useful for a wide range of chemical, physicochemical and biological/biomedical processes. Emerging technologies are also broadly understood to include new technological developments, beginning at the forefront of conventional industrial practices and extending into anticipated and speculative industries of the future. The scope of the present book on nanocomposites and applications extends far beyond emerging technologies. This book presents 40 chapters organized in four parts systematically providing a wealth of new ideas in design, synthesis and study of sophisticated nanocomposite structures.


Part 1 Synthesis
Preparation and Characterization of Inorganic-Organic Nanocomposite Coatings
Synthesis and Analytical Applications of Quantum Dots Coated with Different Generations of DAB Dendrimers
Synthesis, Structural and Thermal Properties of Nano-porous SiO2-based Aerogels
Polymer Nanocomposite Materials for Structural Applications
Photochemically Implemented Metal/Polymer Nanocomposite Materials for Advanced Optical Applications
PET-MMT and PET-PEN-MMT Nanocomposites by Melt Extrusion
Synthesis of Nanosized Luminescent Materials and Their Photoluminescence under VUV Excitation
Mechanochemically Synthesized Metallic-Ceramic Nanocomposite; Mechanisms and Properties
Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Bone-Like Nanocomposite and Its Biological Reactions
Structure-Gas Transport Property Relationships of Poly(dimethylsiloxane-urethane) Nanocomposite Membranes
Rheology-Morphology Interrelationships for Nanocomposites based on Polymer Matrices
Nanocomposite Electrolyte for PEMFC Application
Synthesis, Surface Modification and Characterisation of Nanoparticles
The Sol-Gel Route to Nanocomposites
Part 2 Electrochemical Properties
Oxide-Matrix Based Nanocomposite Materials for Advanced Magnetic and Optical Functionalities
Electromagnetic Characterization of Composite Materials and Microwave Absorbing Modeling
Magnetic Nanocomposite Devices for Cancer Thermochemotherapy
Electrokinetic Properties of Nanocomposite Fibres
Designing of Nano Composites of Conducting Polymers for EMI Shielding
Electrospinning Fabrication and Characterization of Water Soluble Polymer/Montmorillonite/Silver Nanocomposite Nanofibers out of Aqueous Solution
Electrodeposition of Metal Matrix Nanocomposites: Improvement of the Chemical Characterization Techniques
Fabrication of High Performance Fe-Si-Al Soft Magnetic Composites
Spark Plasma Sintered NdFeB-based Nanocomposite Hard Magnets with Enhanced Magnetic Properties
Advanced Anticorrosive Coatings Prepared from Polymer-Clay Nanocomposite Materials
Nd-Fe-B Nanocomposite Thin Films: Influence of the Additions on the Structure and Hard Magnetic Properties
Novel Chemical Vapour Deposition Routes to Nanocomposite Thin Films
Polymer Nanocomposites - Fuel Cell Applications
Corrosion Behavior of Ni/Al2O3 and Ni/ZrO2 Nanocomposite Thin Films
Part 3 Carbon Nanotube
A Fabrication Process of Composite Micro Components using Super Fine Stainless Steel and Ceramic Nano Powders
Nanowire-Polymer Nanocomposites as Thermal Interface Material
Poly(butylene terephthalate) Nanocomposites Containing Carbon Nanotube
Epoxy-based Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Composites
Energy Dissipation Capacity in MWCNTs Reinforced Metal Matrix Nanocomposites: An Overview of Experimental Procedure
Thermal Conductivity Improvement of PEEK/ZrO2 Coated MWCNT Nanocomposites
Fabrication of Ion-Induced Carbon Nanocomposite Fibres and their Application to Magnetic Force Microscope Probes
Nano Reinforcements in Surface Coatings and Composite Interphases
Part 4 Gas Sensor
Nanocomposite Films for Gas Sensing
Mechanical Alloying: For Formation of Nanocomposite WC/MgO Materials
Nanocomposite Catalysts for Steam Reforming of Methane and Biofuels: Design and Performance
Self-assembled Nanocomposite Oxide Films: Design, Fabrication, and Properties
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