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Rev. F. Suter. Lessons in Zulu
Publisher: Mcdougall's Educational Co., Ltd.
Number of pages: 144.

Zulu grammatical lessons for beginners.
It has been my privilege and pleasure for a number of years to teach the Zulu language to the Missionaries of the South Africa General Mission, who have, from time to time, come to South Africa to work among the Zulu speaking peoples. When it first became part of my duty to teach the Zulu language there were not so many Zulu Grammars as at present in existence, and those in use being complained of as difficult, I felt urged to attempt a simpler method, not,
however, with the idea of producing a book. The " Lessons " used have become known to a wide circle of friends outside of the S.A.G.M. and their urgent request for publication is the
principal reason for their appearance in print. The Lessons have been carefully revised, and the orthography adopted is that of the finding of the Zulu Orthography Conference of May 29th to 31st inclusive, 1907, of which I was secretary, and a copy of the Rules is inserted at the end of this book. It has been my endeavour to give a rule for everything, and to make the Lessons as simple as possible, giving the student only such matter as actually needed. That some degree of success has been gained is attested by the results already accomplished. While copious examples are given I have purposely omitted exercises for translation from English into Zulu, being
persuaded that in the study of a new language the mind should be confined to the idiom of the new language so that at the earliest possible stage the student shall be induced to think in the language he is seeking to acquire.
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