Адаптированная и учебная периодика
Английский язык
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Revista	Speak Up Magazine CDROM version № 212
Leaing and improving one's English. This monthly magazine provides up-to-date articles on travel, business, technology and education. Each article includes a glossary and exercises. This Edition has a bit of spanish languague in the introductions to the articles, or in the short instructions for the exercises.
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Publisher: Slangman Publishing. Date: 2002-02-01. Format: PDF. Pages: 240. Have fun and learn "real" American conversational English! Our books contain the most common slang and idioms used every day by Americans. Look at this example: English taught in schools: "How are you today? What are you doing? ". Real American English: "What's up? " (College/Teen Expression). Both of them mean the same thing, but "Real English" is the way Americans sp...

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Conversation in action is a book designed for teachers. The 50 units that make up the book are the result of many years of experience in the area of languages. It tries to solve the problems of many teachers that have difficulties in making pupils speak in English. Others have a hard time in finding topics to speak about, without repeating themselves day after day. For one reason or other, the experience shows that teachers spend the whole class...

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Publisher: Mary Glasgow Magazine Date: 2003 Format: mp3 This 96 page resource book offers teachers a wealth of activities based on reading and listening realia (authentic or simulated-authentic) and will be vital for teachers presenting 'Background to Britain' information. 'Timesavers for Real!' offers activities which aid integrated skills development (with a focus on reading, listening and vocabulary) and revises specific structures in an...

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Publisher: Oxford Univ Pr Date : 1995 Pages : 64 Format : PDF The units are arranged thematically, with a variety of texts that include excerpts from books, newspaper and magazine articles, a fable, a short story and a short play. There is an Introduction to the teacher and answers where appropriate.

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Hot English Magazine, October 2011 Have fun learning or teaching English with the latest issue of Hot English magazine (the October issue, 117). Learn 500 new useful words and expressions. Read about top actor Daniel Craig and his starring role in the film Cowboys & Aliens. Find out how to save money with our top tips. Learn some phrasal verbs to talk about money! Really improve your listening skills with our new Listening Booster secti...

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Серия: Timesaver. Уровень: Upper Intermediare - Advanced. Издательство: Mary Glasgow Magazine. This book provides 14 authentic extracts from modern and classical literature, each exploring a different theme, from the best of English authors and novels: Bridget Jones’s Diary, Jane Austen, About a Boy, H.G. Wells, and Captain Correlli’s Mandolin, and more. Each extract is accompanied by useful background information on the authors and the context o...

Speak English with us

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Speak English with us Авторский коллектив Амурского государственного университета 1999 Учебное пособие для неязыковых специальностей студентов 1-2 курсов. Состоит из двенадцати уроков, выделенных по тематическому принципу. Каждый урок включает текст, от одного до трех диалогов, список лексических единиц, грамматическую тему и грамматические упражнения, упражнения к тексту и для закрепления лексического материала, коммуникативные упражнения. Грамм...

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Photocopiable resource for busy teachers. Elementary / Upper Intermediate. 80 pages. Teenagers have no greater interest than themselves! One of the most compelling features of almost any teen magazine, anywhere in the world is the personality quiz. This book provides 50 of the most engaging personality quizzes covering all the areas of teenager interest including Love and Romance, Friendship, Travel and Adventure, Clothes and Fashion, Family, and...