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Riese T. Vogul (Mansi)
Lincom Europa, 2001. - 87 p.

The main purpose of this book is to provide a short, succinct overview of the grammar of the (Northe) Vogul language. In the introductory section (0) the following points will also be covered : Vogul ethnonyms, the position of the Vogul language within the Uralic language family, the geographical distribution of Vogul speakers and dialect areas, as well as the present status and presumable fate of the language. Following the grammatical survey (1-5) there will be a brief discussion of the Vogul lexis (6) and a historical survey of Vogul linguistic studies (7) . Part 8 will consist of three short Vogul texts together with lexical and
grammatical explanations. To conclude with, a selected bibliography of the most important works on Vogul linguistics will be presented (9) and a list of the abbreviations used given (10).
In this volume there will be no major discussion of Vogul history or culture as this would fall outside the scope of the publisher's intention with the series Languages of the World/Materials. Suffice it to say the the Voguls have had a history very similar to their geographical neighbors in Weste Siberia, nor does their traditional culture differ substantially from others in this part of the world.