Наноматериалы и нанотехнологии
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Schmid G. Nanoparticles. From Theory to Application
WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH&Co. KGaA, 2010 - 538 pages. Second Edition. Язык - английский. An introduction to the science of nanoparticles, from fundamental principles to their use in novel applications. As a basis for understanding nanoparticle behavior, the book first outlines the principles of quantum size behavior, nanoparticles architecture, formation of semiconductor and metal nanoparticles. It then goes on to describe the chemical syntheses of nanoparticles with defined characteristics, their structural, electrical and magnetic properties, as well as current methods to monitor these properties. Among others, the following nanoparticle-based applications are discussed: Single-electron devices Ultra dense recording media Bioelectronic devices and sensors Labeling of proteins, nucleic acids and other biomaterials. With its clear structure and comprehensive coverage, backed by numerous examples from the recent literature, this is a prime reference for chemists and materials scientists working with and developing nanoparticle systems.
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CRC Press, 2011. - 566 p. - Among the various nanomaterials, inorganic nanoparticles are extremely important in modern technologies. They can be easily and cheaply synthesized and mass produced, and for this reason, they can also be more readily integrated into applications. The book’s contributors address the growing global interest in the application of inorganic nanoparticles in various technological sectors. Discussing advances in materials,...

Buzug T.M., Borgert J., Knopp T., Biederer S., Sattel T.F., Erbe M., L?dtke-Buzug K. (Eds.) Magnetic Nanoparticles: Particle Science, Imaging Technology, and Clinical Applications

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World Scientific Publishing Company, 2010, 256 pages In these proceedings, an overview on recent results of a novel imaging modality based on magnetic nanoparticles is given. This imaging concept, called magnetic particle imaging (MPI), falls into the category of functional imaging and, hence, the magnetic nanoparticles may serve as tracers of metabolic processes. Today, there are interesting challenges within the practical set-up of a scanning...

Fiorani D. (ed.). Surface effect in magnetic nanoparticles

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Wiley, 2006. - 379 p. - A single-volume comprehensive yet concise overview of the materials science underlying nanotechnological applications for the life sciences, collating the many articles hitherto found in an overwhelmingly wide range of specialized journals. From the contents: Biofunctionalization of Fluorescent Nanoparticles. Biofunctionalization of Carbon Nanotubes. Biofunctionalization of Magnetic Nanoparticles. Biofunctionalization of G...

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Perez D.P. (ed.) Silver Nanoparticles

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InTech. 2010. 342 p. Thermodynamic properties of nano-silver and alloy particles Linear and nonlinear optical properties of aligned elongated silver nanoparticles embedded in silica The applicability of global and surface sensitive techniques to characterization of silver nanoparticles for Ink-Jet printing technology In situ photochemically assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticles in polymer matrixes Linear and nonlinear optical properties of...

Pileni M.-P. Nanocrystals forming mesoscopic structures

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WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany, 2005, ISBN: 3-527-31170-X, 330 с. Описан способ получения наночастиц в обратных мицеллах. Self-Organization of Inorganic Nanocrystals Structures of Magnetic Nanoparticles and Their Self-Assembly Self-Organization of Magnetic Nanocrystals at the Mesoscopic Scale: Example of Liquid-Gas Тransitions In Situ Fabrication of Metal Nanoparticles in Solid Matrices Three-Dimensional Self-Assemblies o...

Rao C.N.R., Muller A., Cheetham A.K. (eds.) Nanomaterials Chemistry: Recent Developments and New Directions

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Wiley-VCH, 2007. 424p. ISBN:3527316647 With this handbook, the distinguished team of editors has combined the expertise of leading nanomaterials scientists to provide the latest overview of this field. They cover the whole spectrum of nanomaterials, ranging from theory, synthesis, properties, characterization to application, including such new developments as quantum dots, nanoparticles, nanoporous materials, nanowires, nanotubes, and nanostruc...

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CRC Press, 2010. - 716 pp. In the 1990s, nanoparticles and quantum dots began to be used in optical, electronic, and biological applications. Now they are being studied for use in solid-state quantum computation, tumor imaging, and photovoltaics. "Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots" focuses on the fundamental physics of these nanoscale materials and structures. Each peer-reviewed chapter contains a broad-based introduction an...

Wang, Zhong Lin (ed.). Characterization of nanophase materials

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  • добавлен 06 июля 2011 г.
WILEY-VCH, 2000. 395 pages. Nanomaterials for Nanoscince and Nanotechnology. X-ray Characterization of Nanoparticles. Transmission Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Nanoparticles. Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanoparticles. Scanning probe microscopy of nanoclusters. Electrical and electrochemical analysis of nanophase materials. Optical spectroscopy of nanophase materials. Nuclear magnetic resonance - characterization o...