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Каринцев Н.А. Герой Прерий

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М.: Государственное издательство, 1923. — 142 с. Материалом для настоящей повести послужил дневник Вилльяма Коди и описание его жизни, составленное его сестрой Еленой Ветмор. Вилльям Коди вырос и жил в то время, которое очень разнится от нашего времени с его колоссальными завоеваниями техники и ума. Новопоселенцы на западе Америки должны были ежедневно, ежечасно бороться за лучшее устройство своей жизни, чему сильно мешали сами условия прерии, ее...

McEvoy A. The American West: Costume & Fashion Source Books

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Chelsea House Publications, 2009, 64 Pages With the expansion of the country came the expansion of what people wore on a day-to-day basis in the wild frontier of the West. Having moved away from established towns and trade routes, early settlers in the American West made their own clothes out of necessity. With the eventual introduction of familiar fabrics and clothing items, the styles favored by Western settlers and their families were distin...

Montoya Maria E. Translating Property: The Maxwell Land Grant and the Conflict over Land in the American West, 1840-1900

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University of California Press, 2002 - 315 p. ISBN10: 0520227441 ISBN13: 9780520227446 (eng) Although Mexico lost its northern territories to the United States in 1848, battles over property rights and ownership have remained intense. This turbulent, vividly narrated story of the Maxwell Land Grant, a single tract of 1.7 million acres in northeastern New Mexico, shows how contending groups reinterpret the meaning of property to uphold their conf...