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Spratt Mary, Pulverness Alan, Williams Melanie. The TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Course

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Cambridge University Press, 2002. — ii, 188 p. — ISBN 0-521-60992-3. Учебник для подготовки преподавателей английского языка к профессиональному экзамену TKT Cambridge. This is the teacher training course for teachers and trainee teachers preparing for the Cambridge ESOL TKT. Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is a test that focuses on the teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners of English, anywhere in the world....

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Glossary. All TKT modules, 2011. ESOL Examinations

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Издательство Cambridge University Press for ESOL Examinations, UCLES, march 2011, 49 p. PDF TKT: Entries are potentially rellevant to all the TKT modules, both core and specialist. This glossary represents the teaching knowledge related to language, language use and the background to and practice of language teaching and learning as assessed in TKT. Терминология для сдачи ТКТ экзамена по Core Modules и Specialist modules TKT. Подходит для желающи...

TKT Glossary of English Language (ELT) Terminology 2015

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Терминология, необходимая для сдачи TKT 2015 (все модули) Cambridge English, 57 cтр. Термины в алфавитном порядке MINGLE noun and verb A mingle is an activity which involves learners walking round the classroom talking to other learners to complete a task. For example, learners could mingle to find out what the other learners in the class like doing in their free time.

TKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Handbook for teachers + Paper sample + Key sample

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University of Cambridge for ESOL Examinations, UCLES, 2010. PDF, rar FOR SPECIALIST MODULES: Content and Language Integrated Learning Handbook for teachers contains introduction to TKT: CLIL, general description and syllabus, test administration, sample test with answer key. Путеводитель для учителей, преподающих различные предметы на английском языке и желающих подготовиться к сдаче ТКТ экзамена по Specialist module TKT: CLIL. Файл также содержи...

University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations TKT Glossary

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Tkt glossary of english language teaching (elt) terminology Терминология, необходимая для сдачи 1 Модуля экзамена TKT (август 2009) Например, Chunk - Any pair or group of words commonly found together or near one another, e.g. phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations, fixed expressions.