Churchward C. Maxwell. Tongan grammar

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Oxford University Press, 1953. - 305 p. Introduction Abbreviations Consonants Vowels Parts of speech Articles Signs of number Words with special plural forms Signs of tense Conjunctions and conjunctional equivalents Negatives and negative equivalents Verbs, suvjects, and objects More about verbs Still more about verbs Possessives as subjective ob objective Classification of nouns Verbal nouss, subjects, and objects Рrepositions Prepositional equ...

Faufaua! An Introduction to Tongan

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(Автор неизвестен) Wellington: New Zealand Government, Ministry of Education, 2009. - 393 p. (+ Teachers' Guidelines) M?l? e lelei! Welcome to the Learning Languages Series resource Faufaua! An Introduction to Tongan. This communicative language resource provides an integrated package of materials designed to offer flexible, progressive, entry-level lessons for teachers and students who are new learners of the Tongan language. The design of th...