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Stegmüller W. The structuralist view of theories. A possible analogue of the Bourbaki programme in physical science
Монография. — Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 1979. — 101 p.
Краткое изложение структуралистского направления в философии науки и его состояния на конец 70-х годов XX века с упором на критический анализ позиций Куайна, Куна и Лакатоса.
Table of Contents
The Origin of the Structuralist Approach: The Attempted Integration of Physical Science into the Bourbaki Programme by P. Suppes.
Non-Statement View
Empiricism Liberalized, Informal Semantics and the Extended Bourbaki Programme ('Sneedification')
The Force of T-Theoreticity and the Ramsey-View Emended. Non-Statement View2 and Non-Statement View2,5
Theory-Nets Instead of Expanded Cores
Pragmatization. Theory-Evolution in Scientific Communities
Progress, Progress-Branching, Kuhn-Loss and Rationality in Science
On the Importance of the Distinction between General and Special Philosophy of Science. Non-Statement View3
Kuhn-Interpretation and Withdrawal of Objections Against Kuhn
Holism, Underdetermination of Theories and Research Programmes: Remarks on W.V. Quine and I. Lakatos.
Some Additional New Results
Concluding Remarks
Formal Appendix
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