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Van Binsbergen Wim M.J. Expressions of Traditional Wisdom from Africa and Beyond: An Exploration in Intercultural Epistemology
Brussel: Koninklijke Academie voor Overzeese Wetenschappen, 2009. — 68 p.
Ван Бинсберген Вим М. Й. Выражения традиционной мудрости Африки и за её пределами: Исследование по межкультурной эпистемологии (на англ. яз.)
The Resilience of Wisdom as a Topic in Mode Thought and Science.
In Search of Traditional Wisdom.
The Dilemma of Expression in Wisdom.
"Tacit Mode Unwisdom".
On the Possibility of an Intercultural Transmission of Wisdom, within and outside an Academic Context.
Towards an Epistemological Perspective.
Four Examples of Viable African Traditional Wisdom and Potentially Global Applicability.
Situating Intercultural Philosophy from a Wisdom Perspective.
Notes and References.