Wicherek Stanislas P. Water and Agriculture

Wicherek Stanislas P. Water and Agriculture
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Wicherek Stanislas P. Water and Agriculture. 2005, Centre de Biog?o, Paris. (На англ. / Вода и сельское хозяйство).

The great agricultural plains conjure up visions of wealth and
fertility. Paradoxically though, they are confronted with a
serious problem : eroding soils and alteration of water quality.
Today the best lands in the world are threatened by a diminution
of natural fertility, a decrease in crops, floods, and mudslides.
Moreover, changes in farming practice and land re-allocation
(1966-1975) are also responsible for a plague entailing pollution
of the environment, including soil and water and significant
economical damages. What can be done in the medium term to
avoid irreversible repercussions on environment and human
health ?
Our work constitutes both a social debate on account of the
socio-economic issues at stake, and the object of research of
complex ecological rigour. It gives value to the
multifonctionality of agrarian landscapes which equally are a
reflection of the dysfunctions of agro-ecology : on the one hand,
agricultural activities pollute the soil and water, and, on the
other, agriculture is on the receiving end of urban and industrial
pollution. The primary objectives are those of reconciling the
productive necessities of competitive agriculture and the need
for a better quality of life in tight symbiosis with « Nature ».

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