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Yount Lisa. A to Z of Biologists
Notable Scientists. 2003. 401

A valuable volume in the Notable Scientists series, A to Z of Biologists uses the device of biography as a way to put a human face on science - a method that adds immediacy to the prose for the high schooler who might have an interest in pursuing a career in biology. This comprehensive survey features more than 180 entries and 50 black-and-white photographs. Each profile focuses on a particular biologist's research and contributions to the field and his or her effect on scientists whose work followed. Their lives and personalities are discussed as well through incidents, quotations, and photographs. Culturally inclusive and spanning the whole range of biologists from ancient times to the present day, the entries on women and minority biologists in particular articulate some of the obstacles that these biologists overcame in the process of reaching their goals. This volume is an ideal resource for students and general readers interested in the history of biology or the personal and professional lives of significant biologists.
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