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Air Force Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Flight Plan 2009-2047
Буклет освешающий перспективы развития БЛА ВВС США на период с 2009 до.
2047. На английском.

AF ISR Transformation.
Codifying AF ISR for the 21st Century.
What do UAS’s Bring to Operations?
Result: High Demand Asset.
USAF UAS Vision: What We Believe.
AF UAS Flight Plan: Vision for the future.
How do we get there?
AF UAS Flight Plan: Mission sets for UAS.
SUAS Family of Systems.
Medium System.
Large System.
Connectivity and Teaming.
Action Synchronization.
AF UAS Flight Plan Vision.
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Unmenned system roadmap 2007-2032

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