Лексико-стилистический анализ / Analysis of Vocabulary and Style
Лексикология и стилистика / Lexicology and Stylistics
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Анализ стилистических средств в романе Льюиса Кэролла Алиса в стране чудес
My diploma consists of two main parts: theoretical part, where is stated the definition of homonyms, their sources and classification, some facts about Lewis Carroll and his book and here I went into the examples of using homonymy with the purpose of creating humorous effect by the author of the book. The practical part includes questions on the theory and several exercises on homonymy, mostly based on the extracts from the text of "Alice in Wonderland".
I would recommend to use this work in the course of lexicology at the lessons on the themes "Homonymy" and "Stylistic devices".
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