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Английский для психологов (дефектологов)
Тексты о психологии на английском, слова с переводом и домашние задания в виде тестов.
Psychology as a science.
What do psychologists do?
Biological processes.
The nervous system.
The brain.
Stress and anger.
States of consciousness.
Sleep and dreams.
Theories of personality.
Personality at ten is the key to success in adult life.
People meet people.
Personality quiz. How easily are you tempted?
Personality quiz. Are you prejudiced?
Theories of intelligence.
Which kind of clever is your child?
Multiple intelligences test.
What makes one person more intelligent than the other?
How to bring up a superstar?
Beauty attracts but it’s brains that count.
Do men really know best?
Intelligence tests.
Mental retardation.
Educational disadvantages.
Emotional intelligence.
Two ways to improve your memory.
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