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Бедрицкая Л.В. Basics of law: Основы права. 2 части
Л. В. Бедрицкая, Л. И. Василевская, Г. Г. Карлова, Е. П. Колбаско, Г. И. Сидоренко.
Basics of law БГЭУ, Мн: 2009. Тексты + упражнения к ним. 299 стр.
What is law?
Sources of mode law.
Civil and public law.
Judicial institutions.
Lawyers at work.
Criminal law.
Enforcing the law.
The law and consumers.
Employment law.
The law in business.
Commercial activities and types of contracts.
Contract: Subject of the contract. Prices and total value.
Discussing prices and terms of payment.
Contract: Terms of payment.
Discussing delivery and transportation.
Contract: Delivery dates. Marking and packing.
Discussing guarantee and arbitration.
Contract: Guarantee and arbitration.
Discussing sanctions and force majeure circumstances. Insurance (indemnity).
Contract: Sanctions. Force majeure. Insurance.
Discussing general conditions of sale. Assignment and third-party rights.
Contract: Other conditions. Legal addresses.
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