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Blue Nile Falls near Bahir Dar. Ethiopia (Modern World Nations)
Издательство: Chelsea House Publishers.
Год: 2002.
Количество страниц: 128.
ISBN: 0791067807.

Ethiopia is a land of many contrasts. Its landscape varies from barren desert
to the lush green of the Ethiopian Plateau. Much of Ethiopia receives ample
rainfall, although some regions must rely on seasonal rainfall.
Ethiopia shocked the world in 1974 when photographs of the country’s horrible famines were published. Many people got the mistaken notion that Ethiopia was nothing but a vast, dry
desert where food was unavailable for either people or beasts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Much of Ethiopia receives ample rainfall, in some places distributed all through the year,
although a few places must rely on seasonal rains. Because much of the country is highly elevated, large areas range in temperature from cool to cold throughout the year. In Ethiopia, temperature depends more on the elevation of the land than on the tropical latitude.
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