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Borovetskaya L. English for Law Students
Боровецкая Л.В. English for Law Students (Киев: КНЭУ, 2010. - 188 с.) - углубленное пособие для студентов 3-4 курсов специальности "Правоведение", в особенности, для групп углубленного изучения английского языка.
Учебник состоит из 26 уроков.
What is Law?
Law and Moral
Consumer Law
How Laws Protect the Consumer
What to Do Before Buying
What to Do After Buying
Consumer Protection Agencies and Organizations
Taking Your Case to Court
Small Claims Court
Door-to-Door and Telephone Sales
Advertising and the Consumer
Ads That Appeal to Our Emotions
Bait and Switch Sales Technique
Shopping by Mail
Written and Oral Contracts
Implied Warranties
Credit Cards and Charge Accounts
EFT Cards and Debit Cards
Costly Credit Arrangements
What Lenders Want to Know Before Extending Credit
Default And Collection Practices
Creditor Collection Practices
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