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Бучковская С.А. Практические задания к компьютерному курсу The Language of Business
Харьков: ХНАГХ, 2007. - 92 с. Для студентов 2 курса специальностей 6.030504 - «Экономика предприятий» и 6.030509 - «Бухгалтерский учет и аудит».

Introduction: The practical tasks were developed for the business ESP students on the basis of the situational dialogues presented in a computer course ‘The Language of Business’.
The tasks introduce students to the language of business world and provide intensive skills-based training in executive business activities.
The booklet consists of 12 units. Each of the units starts with the lead-in activities providing the possibility to introduce students to the topic under consideration and aimed at developing students’ creative thinking. The lead-in discussion is followed by a complex of activities developing listening, speaking and writing skills as well as those providing the revision of the key grammar phenomena most frequently used in the unit under consideration.
The students are presented with the examples of business correspondence and communication language pattes valuable for business communication.
The practical tasks presented can be used in class as well as the self-study material to develop the communicative abilities in the field of future professional business environment. The available CD with records of all authentic dialogues makes the practical tasks interesting and valuable as the example of leaers’ target language.
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