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Collin P.H. Dictionary of Banking and Finance (Словарь банковского дела и финансов)
A&C Black, Bloomsbury, 2005. — 400 с.
This dictionary has a total wordlist of about 4000 main words with subsidiary words and expressions derived from them. All the words and expressions are defined in simple terms, and examples are given of how each word is used in context. The vocabulary covers a wide range of topics related to banking, including personal finances, banking services, investments and inteational finance. The definitions are given in simple English, using only about 500 words already listed in the dictionary. Short notes point out differences in spelling and construction between British and American English, and encyclopaedic comments are given throughout the text to expand on the definitions. Quotations are given from British and US magazines and newspapers to show how the terms are used in "real life", and the supplement section gives notes on various financial documents.
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