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Cool W. With the Dutch in the East. An Outline of the Military Operations in Lombock, 1894
London: Luzac & Co., Publishers to the India Office, 1897. — 375 p.
Кул У. Голландцы на Востоке. Очерк боевых действий голландцев на Ломбоке в 1894 г. (на англ. яз.)
The Immediate Cause of the Expedition.
Composition and Departure of the Expedition.
Our Knowledge of the Country and Its People.
Our early Connections with Bali and Lombock.
The Landing and other Incidents at Lombock, up 25th—26th August.
The Attack.
Reinforcement of the Expedition.
Operations for the Siege of Mataram.
Capture of Mataram.
Occurrences preceding the Attack of Tjakra Nagara.
Fresh Reinforcements. Fall of Tjakra Nagara.
Fall of the Lombock Dynasty.