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Czanderna A.W., Powell C.J., Madey T.E. (Eds.) Specimen Handling, Preparation, and Treatments in Surface Characterization
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002, 302 p.
Ultrahigh Vacuum and Vacuum Compatibility of Materials
Cryogenic Sample Transfer for Preservation of Surface Chemistry
Specimen Handling: Cleaning and Processing
Atomically Clean Surfaces of Elemental Solids
Specimen Treatments: Surface Preparation of Metal Compound Materials (Mainly Oxides)
In Situ Processing by Gas or Alkali Metal Dosing and by Cleavage
Chemical Modification of Surfaces
Physical and Chemical Methods for Thin-Film Deposition and Epitaxial Growth
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Springer, 2010, 338 p. Techniques: General Introduction Preliminary Preparation Techniques Thinning Preparation Techniques Mechanical Preparation Techniques Replica Techniques Techniques Speci?c to Fine Particles Contrast Enhancement and Labeling Techniques

Bowker M., Davies P.R. (Eds.) Scanning Tunneling Microscopy in Surface Science, Nanoscience and Catalysis

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Elsevier Surface Science Reports 34 (1999) p.1-104 Atomic force microscopy (AFM) force-distance curves have become a fundamental tool in several fields of research, such as surface science, materials engineering, biochemistry and biology. Furthermore, they have great importance for the study of surface interactions from a theoretical point of view. Force-distance curves have been employed for the study of numerous materials properties and for t...

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Czanderna A.W., Madey T.E., Powell C.J.(Eds.) Beam Effects, Surface Topography, and Depth Profiling in Surface Analysis

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Kluwer, 2002, 451p. Photon beam damage and charging at solid surfaces Electron beam damage at solid surfaces Ion beam bombardment effects on solid surfaces at energies used for sputter depth profiling Characterization of surface topography Depth profiling using sputtering methods

Echlin P. Handbook of sample preparation for scanning electron microscopy and X-Ray microanalysis

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Springer, 2009, 330p. Introduction Sample Collection and Selection Sample Preparation Tools Sample Support Sample Embedding and Mounting Sample Exposure Sample Dehydration Sample Stabilization for Imaging in the SEM. Sample Stabilization to Preserve Chemical Identity Sample Cleaning Sample Surface Charge Elimination Sample Artifacts and Damage Additional Sources of Information

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Springer, 2005, 202p. Preface An Introduction to Microscopy Limitations of the Human Eye The Light-Optical Microscope The X-ray Microscope The Transmission Electron Microscope The Scanning Electron Microscope Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope Analytical Electron Microscopy Scanning-Probe Microscopes Electron Optics PropertiesofanIdealImage ImaginginLightOptics ImagingwithElectrons Focusing Properties of a Thin Magnetic Lens C...

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3 ed. , Kluwer, 2003, 689p. Introduction The SEM and Its Modes of Operation Electron Beam Specimen Interactions Image Formation and Interpretation Special Topics in Scanning Electron Microscopy Generation of X Rays in the SEM Specimen X-Ray Spectral Measurement: EDS and WDS Qualitative X-Ray Analysis Quantitative X-Ray Analysis: The Basics Special Topics in Electron Beam X-Ray Microanalysis Specimen Preparation of Hard Materials: Metals, C...

Reed S.J.B. Electron microprobe analysis and scanning electron microscopy in geology

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Published in the United States of America by Cambridge University Press, New York Second edition 2005 216 p. Electron microprobe analysis Scanning electron microscopy Geological applications of SEM and EMPA Related techniques Electron–specimen interactions Inelastic scattering Electron range Elastic scattering Secondary-electron emission X-ray production X-ray absorption The Auger effect and fluorescence yield Cathodolumin...

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Springer, 2008, 602p. Introduction TransmissionElectronMicroscopy Alternative Types of Electron Microscopy Particle Optics of Electrons Acceleration and De?ection of Electrons ElectronLenses Lens Aberrations Correction of Aberrations and Microscope Alignment Wave Optics of Electrons ElectronWavesandPhaseShifts Fresnel and Fraunhofer Di?raction Wave-Optical Formulation of Imaging Elements of a Transmission Electron Microscope ElectronGuns The Illu...