История стран Азии и Африки
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Doughty Charles Montagu. Travels in Arabia Deserta. Vol. 2
P. L. Waer, publisher to the Medici society, ltd., J. Cape, 1921 - 714 p.

Charles Montagu Doughty was an English poet, writer, and traveller bo in Theberton Hall, Saxmundham, Suffolk and educated at private schools in Laleham and Elstree, and at a school for the royal navy, Portsmouth. He was a student at King's College London, eventually graduating from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge in 1864. He was the father of Freda and Dorothy Doughty. He is best known for his 1888 travel book Travels in Arabia Deserta, a work in two volumes which, though it had little immediate influence upon its publication, slowly became a kind of touchstone of ambitious travel writing, one valued as much for its language as for its content. T. E. Lawrence rediscovered the book and caused it to be republished in the 1920s, contributing an admiring introduction of his own. Since then the book has gone in and out of print. The book is a vast recounting of Doughty's treks through the Arabian deserts, and his discoveries there. It is written in an extravagant and mannered style, largely based on the King James Bible, but constantly surprising with verbal tus and odd inventiveness.
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