Английский язык как родной / English as a First Language
Английский язык
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Ellsworth B., Higgins J.A. English Simplified : Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics & Spelling, Usage, Paragraphs & Documentation
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers.
Publication date: 1997.
ISBN: 032103807X.
Number of pages: 111.
English Grammar Simplified is a complete reference guide for writing. Sections on grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage make this a comprehensive guide to writing correct and effective sentences and making appropriate word choices. A section on spelling offers both a list of commonly misspelled words and a selection of proven techniques for spelling improvement. "Beyond the Sentence" puts sentence writing into the larger context of paragraphs and also shows methods for outlining ideas before writing. "'Documentation" serves as a concise reference to three widely used styles of documenting sources in research writing: MU, APA, and Chicago.
The structure of English Grammar Simplified makes it extremely easy to use. The outline format, extensive cross-referencing, and comprehensive index make finding solutions to writing problems simple.
Concise explanations, an abundance of examples, and comprehensive coverage make English Grammar Simplified an easy-to-use guide to writing clearly and effectively.
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