Геология полезных ископаемых
Геологические науки и горное дело
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Gurskiy D.S. (ed.). Main types of rock complexes and mineral deposits in the Ukrainian shield
Bobrov O.B. , Gurskiy D.S. , Krasnozhon M.D. et al. Kyiv: Geographica, 2002 166 p.

Presented guidebook brings to the reader an essential information package on the geological background, major rock types and mineral resources of the Ukrainian Shield.

General description. Principal types of Precambrian rock associations in the Ukrainian
Introduction to Excursion "A"
Copper-bearing rocks of trap formation
Mizhrichne ilmenite placer deposit
Fedorivske apatite-ilmenite deposit
Volyn deposit of chamber pegmatites
Golovynske deposit of labradorite and gabbro-norite
Leznykivske granite deposit
Section of chaockite-granulite complex
Zavallivske graphite deposit
Mayske gold deposit
Michurinske uranium deposit
Introduction to the Excursion "В"
Kryvyj Rig Веlt. Introduction to geology and metallogeny
Section of Kryvyj Rig Belt in outcrops
Section of Kryvyj Rig Belt in the Quarry of Southe Processing Plant
Kryvyj Rig Super-Deep Drill-Hole (SDDH-8)
Greenstone outcrops in Balka Kalynova
Sura greenstone belt
Apolonivskiy paleovolcano
Gold mineralization in Sura greenstone belt
Soroki greenstone belt
Greenstone section of Soroki Belt
Surozh gold deposit
Osipenki plagiogranite massif
Pegmatite rare-metal deposit Balka Kruta
Azovske rare-earth element (REE) deposit
Mazurivske rare-metal deposit
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