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Harris, Cyril M. Dictionary of Architecture & Construction
McGraw-Hill, 2006, 4th edition. (2300 illustrations)

This dictionary defines more terms in architecture and building construction than any other dictionary in the English language. Includes a lot of useful information in building materials and services, construction techniques, engineering practices, specifications writing, environmental conces, community regulations, legal requirements and other areas. It is an up-to-date working tool for practicing professionals in the many fields and numerous trades related to architecture and construction.
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Davidson, Cynthia and Ismail Serageldin. eds. 1995. Architecture Beyond Architecture. London: Academy Editions. More that 1,600 projects have been examined and debated since the Aga Khan Award for Architecture was founded in 1977 with the intention of exploring the direction of architectural projects in Muslim societies and encouraging a high standard of design. In this sixth cycle of the Award, twelve projects are premiated. Each is vastly diffe...

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Architectural Press, 2001. - 164 Pages. 'Structure and Architecture' is an essential textbook for students and practitioners of architecture and structural engineering. MacDonald explains the basic principles of structure and describes the ranges of structure types in current use. Furthermore, the book links these topics directly with the activity of architectural design and criticism. An update of the first edition, 'Structure and Architecture...

Mallgrave H.F. Architectural Theory: An Anthology from Vitruvius to 1870

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Blackwell Publishing, 2005. - 616 Pages. This landmark anthology surveys the major developments and trends in architecture from Vitruvius to Gottfried Semper. It is the first volume to make available in one place the major statements in English, German, French, and Italian that constructed architecture as a field. In charting the progress of architecture from its earliest days until the second half of the nineteenth century, Mallgrave brings...

New Houses in Old Buildings

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Publisher: Links | Number Of Pages: 238 | Publication Date: 1998-06 This book is the perfect example of the harmony that can stem from the combination of old architecture and new ideas. The pictures in this book are wonderfully informative and artfully done. Weather you're looking for new ideas in architecture or just out to see some cool pictures, you should at the very least just flip through this book.

Palmer A.L. Historical Dictionary of Architecture

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The Scarecrow Press, 2008. - 368 Pages. Architecture, which can be understood in its most basic sense as a form of enclosure created with an aesthetic intent, first made its appearance in the Prehistoric Age. From its earliest developments, architecture changed over time and in different cultures in response to changing cultural needs, aesthetic interests, materials, and techniques. The Historical Dictionary of Architecture provides informati...

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Reaktion Books, 2007. - 304 p. The story of modernism in architecture is international, yet each country adopted the movement in its own unique way, inspired by individual artists and schools and in response to specific social needs and political pressures. Britain explores the British approach to modern architecture, and, with due regard for the separate identities of England, Scotland, and Wales, discusses British modernism from its beginnings...

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