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Heikkinen P.M.(ed), Noras P.(ed.) and Salminen R. (ed.) Mine closure handbook. Environmental techniques for the extractive industries
Geological Survey of Finland, Outokumpu Oyj, Maa ja Vesi Oy, Salvor Oy, Tieliikelaitos, VTT Espoo. 2008. 170 p. ISBN 978.952-217-055-2 (PDF). Первоисточник: http://en.gtk.fi.
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Справочник по закрытию рудников. Разработан на основе опыта выполнения нескольких тематических проектов силами Геологической службы Финляндии и горнорудных компаний.

Mine clousure.
Statutory requirements and stipulations for mine closure.
Environmental impact assessment and risk assessment in mine closure.
Field studies, analyses and modelling in planning and monitoring of mine closure.
Mine closure strategies.
Monitoring of mine site rehabilitation programs - requirements and procedures.
Reserve procedures, pledging a guarantee and cost estimates in mine closure.
Source material.
Appendixes 1-18.
Documentation page.
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