Английский язык как родной / English as a First Language
Английский язык
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Игра. WordGrid 1.0
Build as many words as you can
Play a Word Grid game agaist the clock. Make a word using the letters "Q", "Z", "J" or "X" and your time will be extended slightly. There's not a built in dictionary so only create words that you know and then you can create your own dictionary file as you advance further in the game!
WordGrid is an addictive and educational word game that is both fun to play and enhances your spelling abilities.
Best of all, WordGrid is completely free for personal use.
Even though is very easy to lea how to play WordGrid, we have prepared this help file that covers its operation and options for your reference.
The objective of the game is to create words using the letters from the letter grid to obtain the highest possible score.
When you enter a valid word, its score is added to the game score and all the letters contained in the word are removed from the letter grid.
When there are no more letters left on the letter grid, the letter grid is filled again with letters and you advance a level in the game.
A game ends when the letters remaining in the grid cannot be used to create a new valid word.
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