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Jeffrey A. Applied Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction
Academic Press, 2002. - 394 Pages.

This book is written to meet the needs of undergraduates in applied mathematics, physics and engineering studying partial differential equations.

Many books deal with partial differential equations, some at an elementary level and others at more advanced levels, so it is necessary that some justification should be given for the publication of another introductory text. With few exceptions, existing texts written at a similar level restrict their subject matter to the study of the boundary and initial value problems associated with the three fundamental linear second-order partial differential equations of hyperbolic, parabolic and elliptic type, and to solutions obtained by the method of separation of variables. Although these fundamental linear second-order equations are extremely important, and have many classical applications, other more recent applications require familiarity with more general forms of partial differential equations, and also with some of the simpler properties or first-order systems of partial differential equations. Thus the purpose of this book is to attempt to cover all of the standard requirements expected of such a text, though sometimes using a slightly more general approach than usual to unify ideas, and also to introduce the fresh material necessary for understanding many new- practical applications that involve systems of hyperbolic partial differential equations.
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