Литология и фациальный анализ
Геологические науки и горное дело
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Kahle M., Kleber M., Jahn R. Review of XRD-based quantitative analyses of clay minerals in soils: the suitability of mineral intensity factors
Elsevier Science Geoderma 109 2002 p 191– 205.
Martin-Luther-Universita? t Halle- Wittenberg, Weidenplan 14, 06108 Halle, Germany.
Received 15 May 2001; received in revised form 1 April 2002; accepted 22 May 2002.

The determination of the types and relative amounts of the minerals present in soil forms an
essential component of most soil characterization efforts. This paper reviews protocols for XRDbased
quantitative clay mineral analysis in soils, with emphasis on methods using mineral intensity
factors in combination with the so-called 100% approach.
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