Литология и фациальный анализ
Геологические науки и горное дело
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Velde B. Clays and clay minerals in natural and synthetic systems
Elsevier Science, 1977, 218 pages

Developments in sedimentology 21

Choice of Information
Chemical Coordinates for Clay Mineral Assemblages
Clay Mineral Names and Structures
Chemical Systems
Chemical Potential; Inert and Mobile Components
Stability and Meta-Stability
Sedimentation and Burial
Sedimentary Environment
Hydrothermal Alterations
Sedimentary Rocks
Kaolinite, Pyrophyllite, Gibbsite and Talc
Chemiographic Character of Kaolinite and Gibbsite
Potassic Micas and Mica-like Minerals
Synthesis of Phengites and Illites
Natural Illite Compositions
Celadonites and Glauconites
Sedimentary Glauconites (pelletal)
Thermodynamic Description of the Formation of Sedimentary Glauconite Pellets
Celadonites, Glauconites and Illites as a Compositional Series
Phase Diagram for the Illite-Glauconite Mixed Layered Minerals
Montmorillonite Solid Solutions
Montmorillonite Occurrences in Nature
Sedimentary rocks
Hydrothermal Alteration
Volcanic Rocks
Trioctahedral Expanding Minerals
Studies in Synthetic Systems
Experiments on Natural Vermiculities
Dioctahedral Montmorillonites
Relative Stabilities of Synthetic Trimtahedral Montmorillonites
Chemical Composition of Natural Trioctahedral Montmorillonites
Synthetic Dioctahedral Montmorillonites
Experiments on Natural Dioctahedral Montmorillonites and Mixed Layered Minerals
Summary of the Information from Experimental Studies
Chemical Composition of Natural Fully Expandable and Interlayered Dioctahedral Minerals
Phase Diagrams for Dioctahedral Montmorillonites
Illite. Montmorillonite and Mixed Layered Minerals in Sequences of Buried Rocks (P-T Space)

Natural Occurrences
Sedimentary Rocks
Experimental Studies on Magnesian Chlorites
Chlorite Chemistry and Iron-magnesium Distribution among Phyllosilicates
Composition of Some Natural Chlorites Formed in Various Physical Environments in Pelitic Clay Mineral Suites
Natural Occurrences
Sedimentation (Continental. Shallow Marine)
Deep Sea Sediments
Sedimentary Rocks
Summary of Natural Occurrences
Zeolite Synthesis and Stability
Chemiogmphic Analysis
Zeolite Compositions
Phase Diagrams for Zeolite-Clay Mineral Systems
Alkali zeolites.
Phase relations conceing zeolites and aluminous clay minerals,
Systems with Variable Chemical Activities
Chemical Composition
Experimental Studies (solution equilibria)
Phase Diagrams (closed system)
Sepiolite-Palygorskite Equilibria in Saline Lakes and Basins
Weathering Profiles
Deep Sea Cores
Organic Material in Sedimentary Rock Sequences

Surface Conditions
Composition Diagram
Composition-Activity Diagram
Activity-Activity Diagrams
Temperature-Composition Diagrams
Phase Relations in Pelitic Rocks; Composition Diagrams
Hydrothermal Alteration
General Statements
Shallow Burial
Metamorphism and Diagenesis: P-T Space
Cation Exchange
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