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Маматова Н.В. Тестові завдання з англійської мови
Харків: ХНАМГ, 2008. – 61 с. Для студентів 1-2 курсів напряму підготовки 6.030504 «Економіка підприємства».
These tests have been specially designed to provide essential practice for students specializing in Business Economics.
The course consists of 9 tests. Each test contains the following:
* The test in Mode English Grammar and the vocabulary
* The text followed by a number of questions.
The specific benefits of this method of presentation are as follows:
1. It provides the reader with a quick, efficient, and effective means of grasping the essential subject matter.
2. It keeps the reader active in the leaing process and increases comprehension level.
When teachers use texts for reading, they are often too conceed with what was written at the expense of how. Reading in any language is an affective as well as a cognitive process. The teacher’s role is not that of corrector or judge, but rather that of enabler. The teacher assists with language, error, but should not replace the student’s perceptions with his or her own.
The following tests are to change the attitude of both teachers and students to classroom activities. The teacher who brings these tests into the study is not depriving the students of language practice, but is, instead, providing a richer context for such practice. These tests can be used for self-study, to check language and to offer a diagnostic for the students’ language development.
All the students can be directed to the Wordlist.
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