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McGuire M., White W. Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals 3rd Ed
Published by Witherby & Company Limited - 2000, Number of Pages: 276, ISBN 1 85609 164 3.
This book is for serving officers and terminal operational staff who are responsible for cargo handling operations and personnel about to be placed in positions covering these duties. Consideration is given to a full range of liquefied gases including LNG, LPG and the chemical gases.

Chapter 1 Introduction.
Chapter 2 Properties Of Liquefied Gases.
Chapter 3 Principles Of Gas Carrier Design.
Chapter 4 The Ship — Equipment And Instrumentation.
Chapter 5 The Terminal — Equipment And Instrumentation.
Chapter 6 The Ship/Shore Interface.
Chapter 7 Cargo Handling Operations.
Chapter 8 Cargo Measurement And Calculation.
Chapter 9 Personal Health And Safety.
Chapter1o Emergency Procedures.
Appendix 1 References.
Appendix 2 Liquefied And Chemical Gases Covered By The Igc Code.
Appendix 3 Ship/Shore Safety Check List.
Figures And Tables.
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