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M?trai R. (ed.) User Interfaces
Издательство InTech, 2010, -280 pp.

Designing user interfaces nowadays is indispensably important. A well-designed user interface promotes users to complete their everyday tasks in a great extent, particularly users with special needs. Numerous guidelines have already been developed for designing user interfaces but because of the technical development new challenges appear continuously, various ways of information seeking, publication and transmit evolve. The graphical user interface (GUI) is a standard user interface. Users interpret visual elements much faster than textual captions, and therefore the work on such interface is faster, easier and more efficient. The voice user interface (VOI) which can interpret human speech as well only existed in science fiction; now it is a reality.
With the technical development more and more mobile phones web pages applications appear. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality also begin to appear on them. There are many U.I. libraries available on the market (eg. in Java) which promote designers to create GUI-s easy. It is a hard task to satisfy Design for All Principles. Usability of hardware devices and software is examined by vast number of empirical studies on different populations. Not only usability but also user satisfaction is investigated which is influenced by several factors such as too long waiting time during the use of the system, perspicuity of the user interface, possibility of easy correction of faults and the proportion of faults, or a layout which differs from the familiar one and depends on culture. Results of the studies inform designers to create policies for designing user interfaces.
Computers and mobile devices take role in all walks of life such as in a simple search on the web, or using professional applications or in distance communication between hearing impaired people. It is important that user can apply the interface easily and technical parts do not distract their attentions from their work. Proper design of user interface can prevent users from several inconveniences in which this book is a great help. The editor would like to thank for the authors for the comprehensive and high quality researches.

Simple but Crucial User Interfaces in the World Wide Web: Introducing 20 Guidelines for Usable Web Form Design
Navigation Strategies in Case of Different Kind of User Interfaces
A User Survey on the Interface Causing Discomfort for Waing
Automatic Generation of User Interface Models and Prototypes from Domain and Use Case Models
Considering the Importance of User Profiles in Interface Design
Graphical User Interface for PON Network Management System
Graphical User Interface of System Identification Toolbox for MATLAB
GUIs without Pain – the Declarative Way
Automatic Hand-Pose Trajectory Tracking System Using Video Sequences
An Empirical Approach for the Evaluation of Voice User Interfaces
Embedded User Interface for Mobile Applications to Satisfy Design for All Principles
Mixed Reality on Mobile Devices
Multimodal Interfaces to Mobile Terminals – A Design-For-All Approach
Fitts’ Law Index of Difficulty Evaluated and Extended for Screen Size Variations
Understanding SOA Perspective of e-Goveance in Indian Context: Case Based Study
User Interface for Automatic Service Composition
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