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Nasser Abdel Gamal. The Philosophy of the Revolution, book 1
"Mondiale" Press, Cairo, 1958. - 72 p.
Насер Абдель Гамаль, Философия революции книга 1 (на английском языке)
Мондиаль Пресс, Каир, 1958. - 72 с.
Nasser lays out the principles of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952
"The struggle of any nation in its successive generations is a structure that rises one stone upon another. And as each stone lies solidly on another, so do the events of the struggle. Each event is the outcome of its predecessors, and is, at the same time, an introduction into something still in the lap of the unknown."
Keywords: Egypt, History, Philosophy. Egypt - Politics and govement -1952-1970.
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