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Ответы к госам и топики 5 курс филология английский
Functional styles of the Eng. lang-ge
Word structure and word formation. The main structural types of mode Eng.words (root words, derived words, compounds, shortenings). The most productive ways of word-building (derivation, conversion, composition).
Syntactical Expressive Means and stylistic devices.
Phonetic Expressive Means and stylistic devices.
The object of stylistics. Problems of stylistics research. Stylistics and other linguistic disciplines.
Categories of the finite verb
Cardinal sentence-types.
Complex sentence
Standard English and Dialect.
American English
подходы к обучению ин.яз-м
Контроль в обучении ин.яз
Обучение монологической речи
Обучение диалогической форме общения
Обучение аудированию как средству общения
Обучение письменной речи
Классификация древнегерманских племен и языков.
Old Eng. Voc.
The notion of word. Phonetic, morphological and semantic motivation of words
Semasiology. The lexical meaning of the word.
The etymological structure of Eng. Voc. The native element. The borrowed element
The notion of phraseological unit. Phraseological units and free word-groups. The classification of phraseological units.
Functional styles of the Eng. Lang-ge.
Linguistics of the text
Are there any techniques which can help us to develop our imagination?
At what age is someone old?
The role of charity funds in mode life.
f you had an opportunity, where would you like to work?
The role of advertising. How are we persuaded to spend more?
New computer technologies. Good- bye to CDs.
What makes a good friend?
Good old days or globalization?
Extreme sports and activities.
The movie which impressed me most.
Music (about a famous singer)
Speak about a person, our contemporary, whose life and work influenced other people’s lives.
Global warming
Are there any books you can read twice that would remain a source of permanent to you? If so, what books could you name among them?
No reading is worthwhile unless you enjoy it. Lomment
The Inteet: is it a bless or a curse?
Some people enjoy living in big cities, but the others find such a lifestyle really harmful. What can you say for and against living in a monocity like Togliatti?
Speak about history of Togliatti. Its nature, flora and fauna
Speak about the role of foreign lang-ge in mode city
The mystery of charisma. If you could meet a famous politician or business person who would you choose
speak on the vital role of drag addiction and alcohol consumption in the growing crime rate in general and in juvenile delinquency in particular.
Natural disasters. Can they be prevented?
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Technology has made the world a better place to live in. use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
what is the purpose of music in your opinion