Для специалистов / English for Specific Purposes
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Пряницька В.Б. Збірник текстів і завдань з дисципліни Іноземна мова (англійська мова)
Х.: ХНАМГ, 2009. – 68 с. Для практичної роботи студентів 1 курсу денної форми навчання за напрямом підготовки 6.060102 «Архітектура».
The course is designed for the students of non-language higher educational institutions studying architecture. It consists of eight units and is expected to be covered during practical classes.
Each unit consists of
– An authentic selected for reading, translation and study in class with the supervisor and one’s own;
– Vocabulary according to the topic. Architectural terms are mostly taken from the text;
– Various exercises which include multiple choice, matching, gap-filling and so on.
– Additional text for reading.
The purpose of the course is to teach students working at English texts with the supervisor or on their own and to increase the level of their knowledge.
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