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Реферат - Анализ учебника по социологии Э. Смелзера
I am a post-graduate student of the Chita State University and I am deeply interested in sociology and besides my general education I have to do some specific work, like leaing some scientific literature in order to increase my knowledge. As a kind of researching support, I have read a textbook by Neil J.Smelser, which is called Sociology.
Here, I would like to explain my vision of the content and some particular features of the book.
In Chapter 1 the author starts by introducing sociology. The second chapter deals with the elements of society: culture, social structure, socialization, social interaction, organization, deviance and social control, community and urban life.
Further the author stresses the next chapters: inequalities, institution, and society and change. Each chapter is divided into some parts, where describes stratification, sex roles, institutes of the family, religion, analyses the dynamics of population, collective behavior and social movements etc.
The book seemed to preserve the basic organization and content that had evolved, but to work toward greater updating and consolidation. Accordingly every table and graph in the book was brought forward to the present, revealing the continuing trends affecting America and many other parts of the world, and many vignettes and illustrations were made more contemporary, replacing those that had passed from the memory and imagination of the ever-faster moving younger generation.
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