Для специалистов / English for Specific Purposes
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Русецкая И.В., Архипова Е.В., Гуцко И.Н., Ермакова О.М. (сост.) Family matters
МГПУ им. И.П. Шамякина, 2012 г. - 81 стр.
Раздаточный материал для студентов старших курсов ВУЗов.
Включает следующие темы:
family and marriage
the family is one of nature's masterpieces
How do you feel about the mode family
The American family
Here come the DINKs
Marriage contract in russia
What do parents owe their children?
Russian wife for a foreigner
Singla parenting
Teenagers and how to survive
New face of ageism