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Дубовик М.Е., Стулов Ю.В. Справочное пособие по письменной речи английского языка

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A Guide to Written English. М. Е. Дубовик, Ю. В. Стулов, Е. И. Дубовик. Минск: Вышэйшая школа, 1990. - 229 c. Настоящее справочное пособие предназначено для студентов языковых и неязыковых вузов, учащихся средних школ с преподаванием ряда предметов на английском языке, учителей школ и преподавателей вузов, для лиц, занимающихся на курсах английского языка или работающих в учреждениях, где необходимы знания и умения в области английской письменной...

Дубовик М.Е., Стулов Ю.В., Дубовик Е.И. Справочное пособие по письменной речи английского языка

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A Guide to Written English. Минск: Вышэйшая школа, 1990. - 229 c. Настоящее справочное пособие предназначено для студентов языковых и неязыковых вузов, учащихся средних школ с преподаванием ряда предметов на английском языке, учителей школ и преподавателей вузов, для лиц, занимающихся на курсах английского языка или работающих в учреждениях, где необходимы знания и умения в области английской письменной речи. Оно ставит целью дать указанному широ...

Как писать эссе по английскому языку на отлично

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Вас скоро ждет экзамен? Тогда наверняка вам интересно узнать, как писать эссе по английскому языку «на отлично». Мы расскажем вам о видах и правильной структуре эссе, дадим советы, которые научат вас писать такие работы на английском быстро и грамотно.

Краткая табличка для составления эссе

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Небольшая табличка с клише для написания эссе и реферирования текста

Слепович Виктор (ред.) Пособие по английскому академическому письму и говорению / Academic Writing and Speaking Course Pack

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Мн.: ТетраСистемс, 2012. — 176 с. — ISBN 978-985-536-341-6. Авторы: Виктор Слепович, Ольга Вашкевич, Галина Мась Пособие ставит своей целью обучение навыкам и умениям академического (научно-делового) письма и устного выступления на английском языке на основе различных типов текстов (описание проблемы и ее решения, презентация с описанием наглядности, презентация-обобщение). Предназначено для студентов высших учебных заведений, магистрантов и аспи...

Academic Writing

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Правила правописания академического текста. Sentence structure. Parallelism. Conjunctions. Composite sentences. Resources.

Anker Susan. Real Essays with Readings with 2009 MLA Update

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Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's Date: 2009-06-23 Format: PDF Pages: 944 Real Essays with Readings is the essay-level book in Susan Anker’s highly successful series of writing texts that motivate students with their message that writing is an essential skill in college and in real life — and that this skill is achievable. Anker’s advice, examples, and assignments show the relevance of writing to all aspects of students’ lives, and profile...

Beglar D., Murray N. Inside Track to Writing Dissertations and Theses

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L.gman | 2009 | ISBN: 0273721704 | 256 pages Get the Inside Track to Writing a Successful Dissertation! Become a better academic writer and communicate your research & ideas fluently and successfully whatever your discipline, prior knowledge or level. Successful Dissertation Writing will guide you through the whole process of writing an academic dissertation, developing your ability to communicate your ideas and research fluently and succ...

Chesla, Elizabeth L. Write better essays in just 20 minutes a day

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How can you improve your essay-writing skills, not only to get better grades, but also to score higher on tests and boost your chance for admission to the college you’d like to attend? This book offers a step-by-step plan that can be completed in just a few weeks.

Folse Keith S., Muchmore-Vokoun April, Vestri Solomon Elena. Great Writing 2: Great Paragraphs, 3 edition (Book, Answer Key)

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2009. 293 pages. File type: PDF. 11,8 mb. The Great Writing series uses clear explanations and extensive practical activities to help students write great sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Each book contains a wide variety of writing models in carefully selected rhetorical styles that provide practice in working with the writing process to develop a final piece of writing.Great Writing 2 _ great paragraphs introduces the process of paragraph dev...

General Information on Styles

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Краткое изложение главных моментов написания научных работ на английском языке. Apa style (American Psychological Association) Mla style (Modern Language Association) Harvard style chicago style

Gower Roger. Real Writing 3. Teacher's book

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Cambridge University Press, 2008. — 16 pages. Книга для учителя к Real Writing 3 (Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate). Real Writing — учебник для взрослых и юных учащихся. Нацелен на развитие письменных навыков в обыденных жизненных ситуациях — дома, на работе, а также в путешествии, на учебе или просто при переписке с англоговорящими друзьями.

Greetham Bryan. How to write an essay to avoid plagiarism. Аудиолекция

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Lecture 5. The author has clearly taught and thought about this topic for some time and the needs of the student come first.His explanations and examples are well outlined, and he gives lots of good reasons why a student should take the advice offered.Although aimed at higher education students this book could easily be used by anyone wanting to write well.rn

How to write the essay?

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Essays are not just exercises in research; they are also exercises in communication. Essays give you a chance to show what you can do: that you understand the question asked; that you understand the issues involved; and that you have done the appropriate amount of reading. Essays also allow you to demonstrate your analytical thinking and force a deep and powerful type of learning to take place. For these reasons, they are a common form of assessm...

Kane Thomas C. The Essential Oxford Guide to Writing

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This book is based on The Oxford Guide to Writing: A Rhetoric and Handbook for College Students, and thanks are due once more to those who contributed to that book: my friend and colleague Leonard J. Peters; Professors Miriam Baker of Dowling College, David Hamilton of the University of Iowa, Robert Lyons and Sandra Schor of Queens College of the City University of New York, and Joseph Trimmer of Ball State University, all of whom read the manusc...

McKinney Anne. Real essays for college and grad school

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Actual essays to increase your chances for admission and scholarships. PREP Publishing Introduction Using the Internet. Law school. Essays and personal statesments. Master's degree MBA programs and business schools. Colleges and undergraduate schools

Murray R. How to Write a Thesis

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Open University Press, 2011. - 384 pages. "This book has become a trusted resource for students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds. Not only does it take you through the steps and stages of thesis writing, but more importantly, it offers rich advice and support that helps build confidence, sets up effective writing habits and generates a positive orientation towards the complex task of thesis writing." Professor Sarah Moore, Associa...

Murray Rowena. Writing for Academic Journals

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Open University Press, 2005. — 223 p. Why write for academic journals? Targeting a journal. Finding a topic and developing an argument. Outlining. Drafting. Revising the draft Finding time to write. Dialogue and feedback. Responding to reviewers’ feedback. Книга представляет собой пособие по так называемому Academic Writing - написанию научных работ и статей на английском языке. Автор рассматривает вопросы выбора темы, стилистики и структуры ст...

Pequegnat Willo. How to Write a Successful Research Grant Application

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Publisher: Springer. Publication date: 2010-10-13. ISBN: 1441914536. Number of pages: 300. Format / Quality: PDF. Size: 5 MB. Over the last fifty years behavioral and medical research has been generously supported by the federal government, private foundations, and other philanthropic organizations contributing to the development of a vibrant public health system both in the United States and worldwide. However, these funds are dwindling and to s...

Rocco T.S., Hatcher T. The Handbook of Scholarly Writing and Publishing

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Jossey-Bass, 2011. - 368 pages. There is a need for a resource that focuses on writing for publication that discusses the components of a manuscript, types of manuscripts, and the submission process. This groundbreaking book fills that need and includes information on how to develop writing skills by offering guidance on becoming an excellent manuscript reviewer and outlining what makes a good review. It shows how to craft scholarly papers and...