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Hargis G., Carey M., Hernandez A.K., Hughes P., Longo D., Rouiller S., Wilde E. Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors

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IBM Press, 2004. - 520 p. Как качественно писать техническую документацию. The book presents a much needed approach to quality technical communication and a working plan for achieving quality. The examples are excellent and are easy to use and adapt. The editorial advice is simple and clear enough for tech writers who did not major in English or journalism. It is most worthy of a text in university programs, but it is more valuable to experienced...

Nicholas J. Higham - Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences [как написать статью, доклад, диссертацию по математике]

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Higham Nicholas J. , Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; 2 edition,1998, 318 Pages The subject of mathematical writing has been infused with life once again by Nick Higham as he follows up his successful HWMS volume with this much-anticipated second edition. As is Higham's style, the material is enlivened by anecdotes, unusual paper titles, and humorous quotations. This handy n...