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Lal-Shyakarelu Rapacha Dr. Kiranti-Bayung Grammar, Texts and Lexicon

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Publication date: 2008 Number of pages: 85 Kiranti-Bayung is a minority language spoken by a dwindling number of Bayung speakers of Wallo Kirant 'Hither/Near Kirat' from Okhaldhunga and Solukhumbhu districts of eastern Nepal. Like Kiranti-K?its (exonym: Sunuwar/Mukhia) a sister-neighbouring language, Bayung is gradually vanishing as about 900 adults and fewer youths have the knowledge of this language. The study deals with Grammar, Texts and Lex...

Schikowski Robert. Object-conditioned differential marking in Chintang and Nepali

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Zürich: Die Universität Zürich, 2013. — 346 p. Шиковски Роберт. Объектно-обусловленное дифференцирующее маркирование в чинтанге и непальском языке (на англ. яз.) Contents: Preliminary Considerations. Chintang: S/A detransitivisation. Nepali Differencial A and O Marking. Conclusions. Annotation Guidelines Chintang. Annotation Guidelines Nepali.