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Lal-Shyakarelu Rapacha Dr. Kiranti-Bayung Grammar, Texts and Lexicon
Publication date: 2008
Number of pages: 85

Kiranti-Bayung is a minority language spoken by a dwindling number of Bayung speakers of Wallo Kirant 'Hither/Near Kirat' from Okhaldhunga and Solukhumbhu districts of easte Nepal. Like Kiranti-K?its (exonym: Sunuwar/Mukhia) a sister-neighbouring language, Bayung is gradually vanishing as about 900 adults and fewer youths have the knowledge of this language. The study deals with Grammar, Texts and Lexicon of Kiranti-Bayung. Specifically, the study aims i) to collect maximum number of lexicon from the local native speakers and previous work; ii) to record maximum texts on folklore; iii) to analyze the grammatical features of the texts; and iv) to prepare a reference grammar. This study thus has collected more than two thousand lexicon in order to prepare its corpora. Kiranti-Bayung, as in other Kiranti languages, lacks grammatical gender. It has dual number along with singular and plural and is a suffix-dominant language. Kiranti-Bayung has a rich cultural lexicon with complete lexical items of counting numerals. The verb morphology of Kiranti-Bayung has a rich inflectional system. Its folklore is also rich in terms of ethno-history, ethno-culture and anthropology of the glorious Kiranti people. Further, Kiranti-Bayung vocabulary is enriched by its indigenous culture and indigenous technology.
Unit I Research Setting
Unit II Kiranti-Bayung Grammar: Historical-comparative Sketch
Unit III Texts in Kiranti-Bayung: Genesis of Socio-anthropology
Unit IV Kiranti-Bayung Lexicon: Nature and Need for Documentation
Unit V Measures for Language Vitality-policy-planning
Unit VI Summary and Findings
Appendix I: Genetically related Kiranti langauges of easte Nepal
Appendix II: Kiranti-Bayung homeland
Appendix III: Bayung mother tongue by district
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